All of the Outdoor Rattan furniture is covered by our 12 months manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty starts from the date of delivery and is automatically activated once you receive your garden furniture.

Please ensure to keep your proof of purchase as it is needed to process any claims. Our warranty covers the furniture’s structural components (such as frames and support brackets), as well as any issues that develop due to a manufacturing fault. 

The warranty will not not apply if the items become defective due to improper use  such as accidental damage, neglect, incorrect assembly or general wear and tear. Neither does it cover damage that occurs due to adverse weather conditions, including strong winds.

Cushion covers, cushion fillings, and glass are not covered by our warranty (see below for further information).

Our guarantee is only applicable for the person who purchased the products in the first place and it is not transferable or valid outside of the Pakistan.

If you experience any issues with the item(s) that you have purchased from us, please contact our friendly customer support team via email, contact Number, whatsapp or by Physical visit. 

Emaan Trader reserves the right to refuse any claim that we believe is not as a result of a manufacturing defect once reviewed. Accepted claims will result in the item/piece being repaired, replaced, or exchanged, as appropriate.

We recommend bringing your outdoor furniture cushions inside during adverse weather.

The rain covers we provide are designed to protect garden furniture. However, we still advise to store the cushions indoors during adverse weather conditions even when a cover is used. 

Please note that if you do not follow these guidelines, your guarantee will not cover any damage to the cushions (including mould).


As a professional company that specializes in rattan furniture, we understand the importance of protecting your outdoor furniture investment. In addition to the conditions mentioned above, there are a few more guidelines that should be followed to ensure your rattan furniture stays in pristine condition.

1.Firstly, avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight for extended periods of time as this can cause the rattan to become brittle and fade in color. Instead, place your furniture under a shaded area or use a protective cover.
2.it's important to take extra precautions when it comes to protecting any glass components of your rattan furniture, such as tabletops or shelves. To prevent glass from cracking or shattering due to temperature changes, it's important to avoid exposing it to extreme heat or cold. During hot summer months, consider using a protective cover or placing an umbrella over the furniture to provide shade and reduce the risk of the glass overheating.
3.To protect your rattan furniture from sharp objects, avoid using knives or other sharp tools on or near the furniture.
4.To protect your rattan furniture from flammable objects, avoid using open flames or hot objects near the furniture. This includes cigarettes, candles, and hot cooking utensils.

We strongly recommend that all of our customers follow these guidelines to ensure the longevity and quality of their rattan furniture. Failure to follow these guidelines may void any warranty claims in the future. By taking these simple steps to protect your rattan furniture, you can enjoy your investment for years to come.

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